donderdag, juli 03, 2008


Nicky, Marga, Maria, Carin, Marga, Vinkie, HillsAngels, Marjolijn, Jane , Marijke and Lindsay
Ontzettend bedankt!
Thank you so much!

Ik geef de briljante weblog award door aan,
I'm passing on this briljant weblog award to,
Wilma, MarjaS, Nicola, Glee, Marja, Monie en SandraW

4 opmerkingen:

Wilma zei

Wat lief!!! Dank je wel!!!!

Monie zei

Dank je wel Peet!

Glee zei

You are so wonderful, Peet! I got teary just seeing my name on your blog; it is such an honor to have it posted so near to your beautiful creations. Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely award!

E.T zei



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